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Everything's taken care of


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Has anyone ever used the Subaru "Everything's taken care of" etc service, 


My BRZ is coming up to 3 years old and just had it's first MOT, this is supposed to be covered by Subaru but the Subaru dealership claimed it is not, 

They also claimed they had never heard of the etc package.


I called Subaru myself and they said that the MOT is covered, and to get the dealer to call them to claim the cost back, 

Soon after the dealer called back but said I had to pay in advance then claim it back myself, 

They also said that they would not undertake any of the services listed on the etc package,


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how new is the dealership?


MOT is covered on etc, dealership has to invoice autoprotect for it.  For the scratch and alloy repairs there is a helpline number in your original etc booklet.  they will then send a local repairer to assess and sort the issues if they are covered, they are not up to the dealer.


As said above get subaru uk to contact the dealership


what other services are you trying to get them to do?  the monthly wash and vac and the once a year valet or the tracking check?



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I am not sure how new the dealership is, they were based in Broughty Ferry, near Dundee for quite a few years and have just moved to Burrleton, near Perth.


The dealer Autoecosse made me pay the MOT and told me to claim it back from autoprotect,

However, although I registered the car with Subaru (the dealer also refused to do that), and received the letter from Subaru to say the car was registered it does not appear on the autoprotect database. So I called autoprotect and they said contact the dealer, and the dealer said contact autoprotect. 

When I was leaving the dealer cheekily said, see you for the service soon!!!!

 I asked the dealer if they would do the once a year valet or tracking check and and they said no. 

I have now contacted Subaru UK and they said to register a case with them.

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