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Subarus (Outback especially) - how repairable?


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I've just bought (given deposit) a 2005 3.0 Outback R. 110,000 miles. Decent history, seems OK, though I suspect I'll be looking at a new exhaust.

I'm wondering whether I should have spent more for a lower mileage. Though I know that they have a good rep, especially that engine.

I'll be getting rid of, very sadly, a Volvo 940 estate. Beautiful car. But 18 years old and that's when they stopped making them. So parts getting gradually more and more difficult to obtain. Volvo don't do lots of parts for it. Also fancied AWD.

Question then - the idea of the Volvo was that it's a simple car, so infinitely repairable. It's not really turned out like that.


As they only stopped making my Outback 6 years ago, I'm guessing that parts will be available for a fair time.


But how easy to work on? Not for me, but ordinary mechanics? Can this car be repaired for ever (or not far off)?





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As a DIY-er I can't speak much about repairs to engine or transmisison internals. I have reasonably easily done, personally, wheel bearing replacements, serpentine belt pulleys (both of which your car is likely to need changing soon if not already) front brake calipers and plugs (latter, bit tricky cause space is tight, but do-able from below once you remove the under-engine cover). Generally, not too difficult. I had to take it in for oil cooler pipes replacement (right low down, front of engine) cause of rust and space very tight, beyond my ability.

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