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New member, couple of questions!


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Hi guys, just today put a deposit down on a 53 plate BlobEye. I have a couple of questions if anyone would be so kind to help me out.

I'm not a fan of the standard key not to mention it's pretty scabby, has anyone replaced their key casing with a smarter one, maybe like a switchblade for example?

Secondly, has anyone had any experience with removing wrap, there is a couple of bits wrapped in the car which need to come off pronto. Previous owner liked his carbon wrap...

Thanks in advance guys.

PS. I'm Dan.

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Hello & welcome can't speak for the key but I know what you mean deffo function over form,

Which bits have been wrapped ? I'm the past when removing commercial vehicle wrap & sign writing a hair dryer and lots of patience and a few cups of tea have been order of the day followed by a cut and polish to get rid of residue and outlines left behind,

Anyway feel free to get stuck in and have a nosey round

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Howdy Dan,


Welcome, i'm a relative newbie also, I only joined a week ago my self.

I know a guy who would probably sort you a replacement remote key, not sure about a 'switchblade' type, but I've used him to do a replacement remote key on my 2003 3.0 Outback 2 years ago.


He also sorted a key card fob on a Renault (credit card size and pushes into the dash).

Renault wanted £250, he came out to my daughters house, took 30 min to do the new fob, and charged £100 for 1 fob (£150) if I'd had 2.


Let me know if you need his number, i think he's based around Leeds, but is mobile and goes all over the country anyway.


Enjoy the Scoobie :D

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Thanks guys, the top part on the spoiler has been wrapped (think it's an aftermarket STI type spoiler [possible fibreglass]) also when cutting it to size the person has cut it with a Stanley after wrapping and has scored a few marks in the top of it. Also the a pillars have been done and the grille insert. All need to come off because it just ain't my thing.

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Good luck quite possibly the most tedious job ever ! A knife blade may be good to gently lift the corners off once warm, also for the bits where gravity can help out a spray bottle of soapy water could be good for helping too

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