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Help on classic coilpack


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Hi all,

I have a 96 classic impreza (chassis code GC8) and its atarted to missfire a bit. Ive decided im gunna change the coilpack and heard the original one is renown for cracking and that you can upgrade this to the new age coilpack.

Has anyone done this? Is it difficult to do and where abouts can i get one?

Thanks in advance


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Early 96 v2 would have 4 coil packs (1 on top of each spark plug)

I've upgraded mine to newage coil packs which is fairly easy if you can use a soldering iron .

Late 96 v3 would have a single coil pack attached to the centre of the inlet manifold you can buy uprated ht leads but I'm unsure if the coil pack itself can be upgraded

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