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Remapping auto Forester


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Yes you can and it is worth it,if anyone like myself is wondering if it would be worth having a 2.0 auto turbo mapped I can say it is.

Had mine done yesterday at Surrey Rolling Road by Duncan of Racedynamix and it was a noticeable transformation,a totally different drive home.

The actual figures aren't huge compared with some beasts but an an extra 27 hp at the wheels and 40 ft/lb of torque really changes the behaviour of the car,it's almost like driving a different car just so smooth.

Just to say as many people are aware Duncan and Charlie of Surrey Rolling Road two straight up fellas,no axes to grind or pushing you into anything just bring your car along and we will get as much out of it as possible.

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Stants,you're right  having driven it for a couple of days locally just having the extra torque and having it earlier makes for a more pleasing ride.

Cheers David its good to get feedback from people on the forum,I showed the dyno graphs to my wife and would you belive she wasn't interested....I know i'll never completely understand her.

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I know she couldn't even pretend to be interested,I mean I've pretended to having some sort of interest in Dulux colour charts,curtains and cushions for 26 years you would have thought she could have put the effort in.

Fuel economy wise not really had a chance to work it out its a bit early,but I do have petrol reciepts and total mileage covered for the last few months so with a bit of maths I will work it out and then I will have a bench mark for comparison.

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strange creatures to say the least ! Mine almost feels diesel like in the way it comes in now below 2k and I'm in 4th without having to go above 2.5k will potter along at 35 no problems, it has run out of puff on my by about 4.5k but I'm not one of these for thrashing it around everywhere anyway

I used to get around 100 miles to 30 quid now it's up to around 150 [emoji51]

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