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Save the remains


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This is a last option to save the remains of my beloved Scoob,
or she goes to the scrappy.


Soon to be available MY02 Impreza WRX STi PPP. Crash damaged

rear offside, writing vehicle off as Cat C. Engine is 300bhp version, 156000
miles young and chassis seems to be straight, but not checked on jig. Car drove
fine after accident for 30 miles to get me home. Rear off-side chassis arm
under boot floor and boot floor has been creased in accident, pictures
available on request.


Due to massive sentimental reasons, vehicle will be having
the following components removed before any collection:

Boot lid


All seats

Steering wheel


Most of exhaust

4 alloys, 4 brake discs and callipers

These will all be turned into furniture, including gaming

seats, a table and a BBQ lid and smoke stack.


It is my impression that the chassis plus fully functioning engine
and drivetrain are sound and may suit a ‘ground-up’ project for someone with
the skills, sadly not me. This car served me faultlessly for over ten years, I am
the second owner and it would be a shame to see this crushed. Once bits are
removed, any buyer must collect from Bedfordshire or remains will be picked up
by scrappy and cash paid by weight. Sad day.


Any interest? Engine is old, true, but genuinely never once
let me down from 41000 (when bought from Subaru) till 156000. Serviced by
reputable garage every 10,000 miles and still felt strong. Drivetrain still
very smooth, slick gearchange.


Any questions will be answered as detailed as I can be. Any
offers considered. Please note, vehicle will not have own wheels.


FAO Admin: If this post is inappropriate, please just delete
and accept my apologies.

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Shame its being broken - there is a member on here who may be interested in the engine although as they have a defective 2.5 lump I am not sure what else would be needed to perform the transplant.


what would you want for the complete engine?

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