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Forester Clutch

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Hi all, I knew the Forester clutch was high when I got it and needs replacing soon ish. Just wondering best places to try for a 5 speed 05 Forester push clutch. Cheers. Phil.

PS. Would there be any deals at the Japshow tomorrow?

Cheers. Phil.

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Should have also said I am after some headlights for the car aswell. Again, not sure if any deals to be had at the show. I thought not reference clutch but worth a shot. Found this one so far > http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Subaru_Forester_2.5_2006/p/car-parts/car-transmission/clutch-and-associated-parts/clutch-kit/?641802140&1&599cfe295ce9a112ab19084c0bfe31c61742c0c2&000069

Appreciate the input.

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He's a good chap and his rates are good, Gambit, myself, boozy dave ash nick Chris and a couple others all use him,

AS performance were the cheapest on exedy pink Box kits, you may eve get away with a blue box kit as your under 300bhp ?

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Not managed to get through to the Sheffield guys, phone keeps just ringing but will keep trying. AS performance were helpful. They suggest Pink box which are on back order till November however got blue box for £30 more. Appreciate all the advice.

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