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Service for the forester.

Had a Pipercross PP1606 air filter, oil change and fuel filter change. New tyres too. New drilled and grooved Mtec discs Black Diamond Predator pads front, Mtec drums and shoes rear, General grabber AT 205 75 15, had to take off front mud flaps for these though.

Has made a big difference to the car. The biggest difference being the air filter. My Forester is Sport, 2002 end of the MK1 but with oddness thrown in. Some parts are not usual MK1 parts, good example being the air filter, mine is 370mm, 2 mates MK1 Foresters are 280mm.

It is rotting away though. Scissor jack popped up through the poor bugger at the front drivers jack point. :(

Will have to do the anti freeze soon too.


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I find that the Forester doesn't like hills that much and where I live it's all hills, we're 1000ft up. With the new air filter I can stay in gear longer, I don't like keeping a car in a gear till the engine is about to stall up going up a hill, complete false economy I reckon. The oil is changed about every 7k and makes the engine a smoother from cold and quieter. It's had gearbox and rear diff oil 7k ish ago.

All these jobs done over the last month or so. The Rexton next. That bugger has about 9l of oil. :(

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The Forester is on about 85K and I change it around 7K. The Forester never uses any oil and it looks and smells okay when being changed. Not a drip leaking from anywhere. I've gone to 5w 40 from 5w 30. Oil is dirt cheap at the mo so no need to skimp on using quality oil. In fairness the Rexton uses no oil either BUT it does stink when changed, guess it's deisel getting in as is the case with diesels. That bugger is due a gearbox oil change now but being the auto it's a bigger job.

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