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  1. Brick

    Fuel economy on 2008 2l Impreza

    I've checked the car over, should do this more really. Took an age trying to replace a drivers side side light, stupidly awkward to get to. Cleaned the air filter and put some gearbox oil in it as it was very very low. I **** you not I've just been gettintg 44MPG. I actually took a photo of it in case nobody believed me. Will take to a new local Subaru garage as the sump on the gearbox has a leak. The folk we bought it from had just serviced it and replaced gearbox and diff oils. Clearly they've not put a sump washer on it or it needs replacing.
  2. Eyup. We've got an old much loved much battered, and I do mean battered 2001 Forester Sport. The forester has big chunky General Grabber tyres on it too. Also now got a 2008 Impreza 2L R. Bog standard with Yokahama road tyres on it. It's an awesome drive BUT the old battered (big AT tyre fitted) Forester is cheaper to run. We get an average of 30MPG in the Impreza and 35MPG in the Forester. Is this right? Not a big deal but had expected the more modern version of the engine to be cheaper to run. Expected it to be better to drive and wow, it is. Best car I've driven that I've actually owned, not the fastest but the best. Our driving is never short hops as we live in the hills in North Wales and it's minimum 5 miles on the commute which is half single track streep windy lanes, half nat speed limit. and regularly 45 mins on main roads to town so thats national speed limit mostly.
  3. Brick

    Dab with window aerial?

    Sorry I meant the side rear window not the back door window. :)
  4. Brick

    Dab with window aerial?

    In the end the DAB went into a different car, Hyundai Terracan and I bought one of those powered stick on jobbies from eBay and it's !Removed! brilliant. Huge improvement on the aerial that was installed with the DAB when I bought it. I was previously using an upright aerial that was magneted to the roof, never again.
  5. It did make a good difference the Pipercross just never seen anything on it and I've never had this before. Previous ones just bog standard Mann or whatever, changed every year, knocked out dust every month. Pipercross never had dust, wasps, feathers etc.
  6. Brick

    Dab with window aerial?

    Not seen one of those before. Probably going to end up with one of these but was hoping someone had tried an adaptor to use the one on the back window.
  7. Going to transfer a DAB head unit to the Forester. Has anyone tried one of those adaptors that attempt to use the standard aerial for DAB reception? The forester has the standard window printed aerial
  8. Eyup. I've previously posted about mysterious damage to my Pipercross panel filter. It is a mystery. But what has just struck me is that when I look at a bog standard or K&N panel filter they always have crap on them. This is a good thing. A clear indication that the filter has done a fine job. I've never seen any crap on my Pipercross and before you say the obvious, it was the same before it gained it's mysterious hole. Putting this filter on made a big difference to performance and a throatier sound BUT is this because it's very expensively doing bugger all to the air flowing through it? Recently got an Impreza III (love it) and was going to Pipercross it too but I'm going for a K&N panel filter I reckon.
  9. Brick

    Air Filter Damage.

    Will do a pic when I get back from hols.
  10. Brick

    Air Filter Damage.

    No, good idea though but the metal grill was still intact, foam in the other side.
  11. Brick

    Air Filter Damage.

    Eyup. Went tocheck car over, had to clean oil out from down HT lead as it had come out of a seal and gathered in the tube, once cleared out it never came back and intermittent tick over issue cleared. When I checked the Pipercross air filter out it had quite a bit of oil in it and a jagged half circle cut/ripped through, roughly in line with the air pipe. Never seen this before, any ideas how that can happen? Deck not damaged when it went in, nobody else touches the car, there's nowt in the airbox to catch it on either.
  12. Hi, not sure if I've put this in the right place, sorry if not. Looking at buying a 2009 Forester manual diesel. The clutch is going to need to be replaced. How much roughly would I expect to pay for this to be done. I'm wary of these cars because of the dual mass flywheel, I know these are expensive to do. Cheers
  13. The Forester is on about 85K and I change it around 7K. The Forester never uses any oil and it looks and smells okay when being changed. Not a drip leaking from anywhere. I've gone to 5w 40 from 5w 30. Oil is dirt cheap at the mo so no need to skimp on using quality oil. In fairness the Rexton uses no oil either BUT it does stink when changed, guess it's deisel getting in as is the case with diesels. That bugger is due a gearbox oil change now but being the auto it's a bigger job.
  14. I find that the Forester doesn't like hills that much and where I live it's all hills, we're 1000ft up. With the new air filter I can stay in gear longer, I don't like keeping a car in a gear till the engine is about to stall up going up a hill, complete false economy I reckon. The oil is changed about every 7k and makes the engine a smoother from cold and quieter. It's had gearbox and rear diff oil 7k ish ago. All these jobs done over the last month or so. The Rexton next. That bugger has about 9l of oil. :(