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SONAX Polymer NetShield DEAL!!


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Who wants something for FREE?? Well this week is your lucky week!!

For those seasoned CCC Members, you may remember the post I made way back on 16th June of my wife's Audi (Still for sale!) - it Reached 38,800 - SONAX sold out everywhere in the UK following this we are informed as a result, so what does that tell you? 

Time after time we are getting such great reviews of this product and when used in conjunction to our clay Cloths and Mitts, the results are outstanding. 

So we are launching for a limited time but more likely while stocks last, a deal which gets you a FREE Can when you purchase 2! An unbelievable deal and one to capitalise on.

Get yours NOW before we sell out again!!




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There are full instructions plus a video on the listing of this item on our website, but in a nutshell:

1. Make sure paintwork is dry and clean.
2. Apply product to foam applicator and apply to paint surface in straight lines nice and evenly.
3. Only treat small areas at a time, not allowing to fully dry.
4. Buff to a high shine with a clean microfibre cloth.


Link here: http://www.theclayclothcompany.co.uk/ourshop/prod_4074933-SONAX-ProfiLine-Polymer-Net-Shield-TRIPLE-PACK.html

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