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1.5r gearbox issues


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Hi all,


I recently picked up a 2006 hawkeye 1.5r wagon as a daily. I appreciate it’s a completely different car to the WRX’s and STi’s many of you are running, but I wonder if anyone can advise on some issues with the dual range gearbox that I’ve started to notice.


The first issue is a slight whine from (the gearbox?) when under acceleration in 4th and 5th gear above speeds of around 45mph + (Yes, it does go that fast ;).


- It immediately stops if I take my foot off the accelerator to coast, immediately starts when I apply even the slightest acceleration

- Sound is a continual pitch, it doesn't vary with engine speed and it doesn't seem to get louder either

- It sounds like what I imagine a bad bearing might sound like, but I'm no expert

- I've read a lot about the centre diff bearings on Impreza's and wonder if it could be related?


The second is that the change from 4th to 5th doesn’t exactly crunch - but it doesn’t sound great. Maybe a bit like the sound you'd get if you almost crunch your gears. Mechanical but not in a good way. Again, not loud - but noticeable.


- Having mentioned the centre diff bearings above, I'm guessing that this wouldn't affect the gear change itself - so I'm actually hoping this might point to something else.


Gearbox code is TY754XY7AA if that helps at all.


It would be amazing if anyone recognises the description and is able to point me in the right direction, but if not, if anyone has any experience with competitively priced Subaru gearbox / diff specialists in and around Northants / the midlands that would be able to work on a 1.5 then it would be good to have recommendations. Any ideas on expected costs would help too.


I'm obviously in a bit of a difficult position, because I can't justify huge amounts on diagnostics and repairs like I might if it were a more exotic car. Shame though - aside from the box, it's mint and drives beautifully.


One final question. Is the centre diff part of the gearbox itself. i.e. If I get a recon box from somewhere, would I also be getting the centre diff as part of the box?


Thanks in advance. Apologies for the essay!


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I no experience with the 1.5 gearbox but as an interim approach try a gearbox service with an appropriate additive - molyslip type thing, it has been mentioned in another thread but I cannot remember the brand recommended - however Oilman / Opie Oils on here would be able to give a recommendation and we get a discount

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