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Maxspeedingrods Subaru Impreza Adjustable Coilovers Special Deals Activities


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Maxspeedingrods as a manufacture, We are renowned for our high performance racing parts which have been top of the line for a decade. Now we want to benifit our customers with more competitive price.

We choose some popular Adjustable Coilovers like BMW E36, Toyota Corolla, Subaru Impreza WRX GC8, Nissan S13 Silvia Sileighty and so on. As a special price to give back to our old and new customers Up to 38%off ! But still, we want to make sure that it's just what you need.

If you have made your decision and you want coilovers then i suggest Maxspeedingrods coilovers.

Link: http://www.maxspeedingrods.co.uk/coiloversale.html



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I've got them on mine at the moment. They don't seem too bad at the moment. But will more than likely change when I get more brass. I'd recommend other owners to save that bit extra and get some bigger branded coilovers. The only issue that I had was that the nut on the bottom were the bolt goes through to hold the brake cables snapped off so it's cable tied and I had to bang abit more grease on the shocker aswell because it was quite stiff. Since that they don't seem too bad. But time will tell I recon.

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