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World of tanks?


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Totally geeky, but do we have any "World of tanks" or "World of Warships" players on here?


I presume not, but I thought i'd ask anyway.


It's probably one of the most competitive but addictive games i've played. It's also free to play, albeit play to win.



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I play both hahaha. Not so active in tanks now cos been play wows or payday2 or summit else but i still play now and again :D

I play WOT. Phil3822 is my username. Often on there. Play WOWS less often.


Mind if i add you both on WOT? Be nice to have someone to play with. :)

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Yeah, can I have tiers 5 to 10. Don't play under 5 normally but can if helping someone level up.

cheers nice one mate, most of my tanks are 3-4's, although I'm close to getting my first tier 5's. Atm i'm sticking with tank destroyers and mediums, but fancy getting into the heavy tanks.


I'm away this weekend, so will add you when i get back.

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No worries, I can join you for a few games, on most evenings and occasional weekend. Have it on in background when on net. I have my sons account you can try a few different tanks on if you like. Every American tier 10 etc.

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