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High & Low Lever? on Outback AWD : CABLE STRETCHED


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HI all,


I recently put a post on the OUTBACK AWD club forum.   Re High - Low Lever? 


I've since discovered that the pin on the gearbox end of the cable was missing.  I'll fix I thought!! Huh Mmm,  not much room to get your hands in there; so asked someone I know (a Mechanic on Rally Cars) to have a look at it,  he found a pin that fitted perfectly;  and selecting Low (lever up and back) no problem.   But selecting High (lever down and forward) wouldn't quite select; it left a grinding noise; and was unable to drive in gear. I  Can however, select high range by using a bar or shaft of a strong screwdriver to push the connection above the gearbox housing to select high range; and it works perfectly ..  So nothing wrong with High or Low Range!    I'm thinking the cable has stretched over the years from lack of use, the previous owner only ever used high range on the vehicle.


Q,  has anyone changed one of these cables?


Q, how difficult is it to do?


Q, or maybe take it to a Subaru dealer?


Q, Would that be an expensive job at a Subaru Garage?


Any help or advise on this please.


I think Keith Price at Abergavenny is the nearest Subaru Dealer..


Thanks in advance 



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Subaru dealers may leave you feeling like you've had your trousers pulled down a bit... Have a look for an independent Subaru specialist. They're often worth their weight in gold and half the price of a dealer

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