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New car (2006 WRX) new tyres!


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I am looking to oust new tyres on my Hawkeye WRX.

I am able to get 4 Dunlops 225/45/17 W 94's for £300 which is a serious bargain as I know the guy who owns the tyre shop. Before I spend this kind of money is there any issues running 225's rather than 215's and do dunlops suit the car well?

At the moment it has potenza's on the front but they only have about 1k or 2k left in them and... Wait for it... AREOWSPEED on the rears! Pretty certain these were put on to get it through its MOT.

Normally I run Michillins on other cars I've owned but would appreciate your advice and help if possible?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm pretty sure 215 refers to the width of the tyre... I know you can go shorter than the width of the alloy and have a stretched tyre... but go wider? Not so sure... Personally, I would stick with the spec that are on your wheels at the moment, then you know you're not gonna have any issues!

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