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Outback 2.5 se 20 mpg @ 60 mph and swings with cruise control


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Hi,as I'am new here and with subaru's ,I gonna need a lot of help!!!Please!!!! Outback 2.5 se petrol/lpg(factory fitted) 103.000miles.

So 1st: when I use the cruise control,doesn't matters on petrol or lpg the car swings as want accelerate and stops and does it on any revs and every 2-3-4 secs.its imposible to drive on cruise control.couple a days ago it does it so much as switched the cruise control off!and I got the cruise light flashing but no CEL just cruise light flashing.I stoped/started the engine and everithing all right again.I read in the USA forums can be the oxygen sensor? Because:

2nd: the consume on lpg or petrol is about 20-23 mpg driving as old lady(with all respect for the forum ladys) and I repeat its no CEL lights or error codes coz I done the diagnostic twice in 2 different places and the guys dont have any idea where is the problem!!!

Please if somebody has had the same or similar issue can help me?or any proper garage in Hampshire? Thanks for reading and hope have a answer soon.

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Hello, sorry to here about your problems. I have no experience with lpg so wouldn't be able to even stat with trying to diagnose a fault if it was that side of the system, have you tried doing a ecu reset with the diagnostics tools or even unplugging the Battery for half an hour will revert everything back to factory,

Then drive for a couple of day see if the cel comes back, it should still log it and return an error code if it happens again,

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Thanks for the help first.

I bought it couple of weeks ago...and its doing it since then...the previous owner has done the wheel bearings front driver side and rear same side.its one wheel stud broken on the rear passanger side so Iam already waiting for that part(bearing with studs) to replace.next month Iam doing the m.o.t. so I suppose gonna have more things to change but before buying the car I done the pre-mot and the guys from the garage sayed the car dont gonna have any problems to pass the mot.

Its just that annoying think when you switch the cruise control..and I repeat it does on lpg and petrol so its not lpg system...I think...

Greenmamba,why you ask for the bearings..is something to do with that?thanks again...

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The reason I ask about bearings is that some aftermarket bearings have communication problems with the wheel sensor/s, The bearing has a tone ring (magnetic ring) which a sensor on the hub reads as the bearing rotates and if the two don't correspond properly it confuses the cruise control computer. Its possible it'll also affect the ABS. Also, if the sensor on any wheel hub was damaged during fitting of replacement bearings, that'll result in faulty cruise.

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Just done my 3.0R front hub,


no issues with CC just a straight swap,  a missing stud shouldnt be an issue,


20-23mpg is i have to say realistic for a 2.5,  I only get 20-30 from my 3.0 and 30 is driving like miss daisy ;)


Any problems from the LPG side will not show  any diagnostic errors from the Subaru side, its a stand alone system .


you would need to get this checked via an LPG installer.


Crossroads garage at winchester are very good scoob indy specialists, i first used them when i had my impreza many years ago, and there still going. 


Very knowledgeable & reasonably priced too


Please can you give me you correct model type and year of manufacture, and i will look through my stuff and see if there is


anything specific to the front or rear hubs



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Thanks a lot mart...its an outback 2.5 SE 2007...4wd..

Anf I done the "reset" but the problem still persists..so I am sure its the wheel bearings coz I've been reading a lot of usa forums and found people with similar issues...reason..changing aftermarket nusty cheap bearings...solution...check sensors ,wirings and....bearings...so at least i know where start...and the mpg the average is not so bad considering its lpg @0.60£....:)

Hope to have a notice from you guys...thanks

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