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Making my hawkeye G Sport faster


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Wotcha and welcome Mark.


With the sport model you are limited with choices as spending large sums of money wont necessarily make it faster - here is advice to another member asking the same - bottom line it is more about improving power to weight ratio's on the sport.


You have a NA car so the power gains you will get from engine
tweaking will be minimal so get it running spot on - panel filter and
exhaust, good service - oil plugs etc. keep it on vpower or the like as
you can definitely tell a difference in my NA motor. Possibly look at
remap to match flow to engine fuelling (A car running tip top has better
emmisions and if it is running as it should be will be running at its
optimum efficiency)


Then look at power to weight ratio - lose whatever weight you can from the car. (this also gives better fuel economy)


Then look at chassis mods to improve stopping and turning (this improves the safety of the car)...


as above chassis mods are the way forward, someone may have an
advantage in a straight line but 9-10 times they cant corner so loose
all there speed!


Coilovers - anti roll bars - strut braces - proper geo set up - decent tires and lose some weight

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