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Correct battery size ?


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Mines just about had it so been hunting around toady for one, however I can't find anything that is the same size as my old one

I'm presuming I need another 60amp one not sure about the cold crank capacity, the higher the better as I have

The only thing on mine is s sticker that says 005l ? And it's dimensions are roughly in mm 205 high 160 wide and 225 in length

Like I say seen loads that would appear to be suitable except when it comes down to the physical size

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Yeah I've seen a couple on there and few on other places, no ide if yours is the same dimensions as mine, all the ones I've come across have been to long to fit in the Battery tray or to wide [emoji35]

Then again whats not to say I haven't got the correct sized tray in there in the 1st place ?

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