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Struggling at low rpm's, Help!

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On cold start ups my 2005 Blob eye wagon sounds very rough despite it starting straight away. Also struggles at low rpms and takes a lot of revs just to keep it going. The spark plugs were changed last week to try and fix this problem but made no difference. It seems to be getting worse the more i drive so any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks[emoji846]

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I think you can buy a Bluetooth OBD adapter to connect the ecu to a smart phone and use a app (called torque I think) to read the codes and parameters

I'm not that clued up on newage ecu code checking options tbh but maybe a local member or garage could help with reading the codes otherwise

Misfiring faults do tend to rear their heads as the damper colder months draw in . Reading the ecu codes would probably be the best option as you could end up replacing loads of sensors ,coil packs ,icv ect before eliminating the fault

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