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Snow Foam Lance & ValetPro Snow Foam Deal


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NEW!! Having held back for months until we were happy with our Snow Foam Lance, you can now grab one of these from 1 of 2 deals we are running with our Lance!


Snow Foam Lances are a must have in any car cleaning enthusiast's kit. Used with a pressure washer and our ValetPro Snow Foam pH Neutral, it creates a thick blanket of foam which will cling to your car and soften dirt and grime before hand washing; the result, an almost touchless wash! 


What's special about our lance? 


Our Snow Foam Lances are constructed within the UK and comprise of a solid brass body, and two adjusters - 1 to regulate the mixture of water and Snow Foam solution, and the other to adjust the spray pattern. Each Snow Foam Lance has a filter before the pipe meaning less particles getting in the mixture that could potentially ruin your paint and help cleaning time. 


If you have never snow foamed your car, then it's really effective and fun also - read more and grab yours today!


Choose from a number of adapters to get yourself started off! 




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