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Subaru Justy ECVT Automatic 4WD


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Hi Subaru Members,

I have recently inheritted a Subaru Justy from my Grandad. Whilst my mum was driving it she was stopped at a garage and told by a Subaru collector that it was a very rare car and the right person would offer anyhting in excess of £3,000 for it. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a rough estimation of what a car like this would get, if i sold it to a collector or Subaru enthusiast.

4WD Automatic ECVT, 46,000 Miles, 26 years old, N registration, 1996, White in very good condition, only my Grandad was the past owner of this car.

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Some pictures to show condition may help - they are quite rare as early ones tended to rust - later ones were a partnership with Suzuki and share same body Shell but as a consquence are not quite as exclusive.


The right car will go for the right money if you are prepared to be patient and wait for the right owner - it may be you might have to hold onto it for a while to get top dollar.


In teh mean time - Wotcha and welcome to the site feel free to reach out to the other Justy owners and enjoy :)

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