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windsreen fixing on hatchback


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Hi all, i've tried google to find out, but not come up with much !!

 So, has anyone had their windscreen replaced on a hatchback model ?

The reason i ask is i was cleaning the inside of my windscreen on my 2008 sti this morning, when i noticed it was sort of loose. As in when i pushed against it there was obvious movement, like as though if i pushed hard enough it would pop out !!


I assumed they should be bonded in, but wasn't sure...any ideas ?

If so, then i'd say mine has let go big time.

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Yes I do, and was thinking of getting it replaced in the new year as there is a small crack on on side.

It was just after noticing the movement I was thinking maybe I didn't ought to wait to get it done.

Also they may not class the crack as in need of replacing, but if it wasn't fitted correctly it may be more of a safety issue.

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