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Getting a rough estimate

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Hi Folks,

I'm looking to get a couple things done on my Scooby and wanted to get a rough idea of what I should expect to pay before parting with my hard earned cash!

1.Tyre rotation

2.Oil and filter change

3. Replace and install fuel pump(I have fuel pump)

4. Spray on waxoyl for rust on engine sub frame

I've had 2 quotes, one for best part of £ 300, the other closer to £200.

Any comments welcome!


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It all depends where you go mate- at a main dealer you're looking more than that, backstreet garage that price sounds about right! If you don't mind getting dirty and have a couple of axle stands, you could easily save yourself most of that and do it yourself!

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Hey folks, thanks for tips.

I haven't got the facilities to Jack the car up otherwise I would have had a go. I found a workshop in Catford(Rushmore & Hawstead) who changed the fuel pump, rotated tyres and sprayed waxoyl all for £82.50 which I thought was more than reasonable.

I did get them to fit 2 new Pirelli Zeros as well which pushed the bill north of £300 though.

All in all impressed with efficiency and service and would recommend them and Good Garage Scheme, through which I found the workshop.

All ready for remap in January ( hopefully

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