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Just Cause 3


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Been watching loads of videos on this, laughed at all of them! There's just something about the game that amuses me, perhaps the rocket grenades you can stick to people? lol.


Has anyone got it? Is it really that fun?


I'm on a ban from buying things until after christmas :(.

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I had just cause 2 and enjoyed it :). Well my partner has got me a game or 2 for christmas but not sure what... have a feeling it is tomb raider.


if yoiu liked 2 you'll like 3, bit like farcry 3 and 4 and fallout 3 and 4, basicly revamped same game.


not got the latest tomb raider, got the previous one and did enjoy thatas well. Im now netless for a month so not gonna be getting much new for a bit now :(

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