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Gc8 torbo

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TD04 is a smaller turbo. Quick spool good for 270-280bhp with supporting mods.(I have this at 276hp). TD05 which is on import gc8's is a larger turbo good for up to 320hp but a later spool.

Then there is the vf series of turbos which usually come highly recommended. There are plenty of variations of these turbos and I'm not so clued up on them. There's also more specialist made turbos from UK Subaru specialist garages.

Have a look at this link and it may explain more than what I have been able to: http://www.racedynamix.co.uk/remap/subaru-remapping/subaru-standard-fit-turbo-listing/

If you do change the turbo you will need to have it mapped in. Also depending on choice of turbo, you may need larger injectors. I'd highly recommend a higher rates fuel pump to keep up with the extra demand for fuel. Roger Clarke motorsport or walbro make good pumps.

This link shows mapping options for gc8's. http://www.racedynamix.co.uk/remap/subaru-remapping/

Hope this all helps [emoji5]

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