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ej20g timing marks not lining up

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ok so long story short

I've had to take my timing belt off to get to the water pump. When I was trying to line up the timing marks (crank and cams) i got the cam marks to line up so the two 2-line marks where facing and the single lines were where the should be but the crank timing mark (the white little arrow looking thing) was about 90 degrees off its mark

now I'm putting it back together should I:

put the timing mark where it should be (I've done this and rotated the engine by hand with no interference)


put it back how it was?

thanks in advance

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Sorry I've only just spotted this post , I'm not sure what you mean by "white mark" it's probably been tip exed by someone previously changing the belt .

I line mine up by the notches in the cambelt cover backing plate as the double "cam to cam" timing marks on the pulleys often look a tooth out .

Here's a couple of (bad quality) pics let me know if you need anymore and how you get on



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The woodruff key in the end of the crank should sit 6'0 clock with the timing mark at 12 '0 clock (as in my first pics)

The Groove on the oil pump and the line on the plate behind the crank sprocket were the tdc alignment marks for the crank on my 94 ej20


Not the best pic for alignment, as I had left the crank just under tdc to avoid hitting the piston crowns with the valves while dialing the cams in but it shows the 2 marks and woodruff key at the bottom

If it's not broke .....upgrade it

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