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Random CEL woes-lesson learnt


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Started my 2003 WRX this morning to be greeted with flashing CEL light (which according to the net is a major fault), sluggish no boost and obviously sluggish performance stuck in limp home mode. After spending the day at work stressing I got home in the dark and plugged in my fault code reader that threw up the following (12 faults in total but some of the codes were replicated)







After having a heart attack at the list (which didn't change even after deletion) I set to work on Google. I found on NASIOC that this can be caused by the green test connectors being connected under the dash.

Despite not having touched them they had manage to align themselves well enough to come into contact causing the massive list of faults, limp home mode and a major CEL fault. Moved apart, reset codes again and back to perfection.

After feeling like a complete pleb, but glad that it had not cost me a penny I have a happy car and happy wallet.

I hope this helps someone who may find themselves in a blind panic one day like I did!

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