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2.0 Petrol Auto XV


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Do we have any members on here who have one of these?

If so, how are you finding it in terms of power and mpg? I see it claims to return over 40 to the gallon....

Also, is it a standard auto as opposed to CVT.....edit- I see its CVT

Thanks....just looking ahead for a change [emoji14]

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There's a guy bought one over Christmas DavidWM he's posted in the thread below "How are you guys finding the XV" I don't know if any others.

I know some people say it feels a little underpowered but it's quite a heavy car and it's a 140hp 2.0 so I guess it's subjective. The CVT is supposed to be very good though. Personally I prefer the manual.

You'll get more power, torque and performance, as well as significantly better mpg with the diesel but unless you're doing reasonable annual mileage you'd be better with the petrol as the diesel carries a premium and the risk of DPF issues if you do short runs.

I have a diesel version, but I do about 20,000 miles a year and most of it on fairly long motorway runs which virtually removed the DPF risk.

I would advise taking one for a run how you drive, most Subaru dealers will lend you one for a morning to go for a drive. The onboard mpg calculator is pretty accurate so you'll get a good idea on mpg. 40mpg is probably top on the end on a petrol on motorway runs and I'd expect you to get lower than that generally. However that said I get around 56mpg out of the diesel which is higher than book for extra urban.


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I'm taking delivery of a 2.0 petrol auto (2013) on Friday. The test drive last week had the average showing at 33 though I don't know how it had been driven for its 22,000 miles so far.  Also, I believe the display can be reset with the trip meter, so maybe that reading was inaccurate. 

I will report back.

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