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Rear wiper wiring (SF)


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My wiper started to go a bit wonky in November, a quick wiggle of the tail Gate wiring would get it working, last night it stopped completely,

I've pulled the trim off to try and find the break, i assume it's in the tailgate/roof.

So far I've managed to trace wiring wise,

Window demister



Lock mec

Green red

Pale green

Door release actuator ?




Solid dark green

Green/ yellow stripe

Blue/black stripe


Assuming this is right any idea which are power intermittent & on wiring ? For the wiper

Initially I thought it was the dark green so tested before the door hinge with multimeter and in the door it's self I was picking up voltage when on before the tail Gate, and none when switched in the off position, but then the wiper stopped working completely so couldn't test any further,

A, do I have the right wire for power to the motor ?

B, maybe the break is further down the loom ?

I wanted to just strip out the faulty wire and replace with a fresh length

Any ideas or someone with any knowledge as to the wiring colours would be great

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Sorted ish ! Managed to up upside down solder a new length of wire into the tailgate, then at the other end, wasn't pretty and the join isn't the best but pushed it down inside the body of the car so it shouldn't get caught, there was no voltage going to the yellow one so I can only assume that it was for the old central locking that's been made redundant with the alarm install

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