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First Forester looking for bits


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Hi im new to the forum and new to owning a subaru ive got a 2003 2.0XT with a LPG conversion and im loving it. Im after some wind deflectors but cant find any for a 03 on eBay so if someone could send a link that would be great. Also mine has a sunroof and im after a roof rack but the roof rail bars are soild so im unsure what to buy does anyone know where i can get some from. Or do i need to change the roof rails so they have a gap in? (If that makes sense). Also due to have the LPG tank in the spare wheel hole i have nowhere for my spare and i dont want to carry a can id rather have the wheel has anyone mounted there spare to there roof? Cheers josh

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Hello & welcome,

Wind deflectors are few and far between, you could always look at getting them from the states or Japan, but they aren't cheap,

As for the roof bars I'll let somone else answer that as I have no experience with them

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the roof rack bars clamp to the recess on the roof bars, the subaru originals are about the best neat fit but other decent brands listed compatible will do the job, thule for example do a real nice alloy closed ends one specific for SG but it not cheap.

Mounting tyre on roof will make fuel consumption worse defeating some of the point of having lpg, the lpg wheel well tanks are a PITA., you looking at standing it in boot to one side on a bracket or complex job of a rear hanger, can fabricate these off the bar that runs behind the bumper & is part of tow bar but good effort is not easy or cheap.

for pre 2008 frame-less windows the deflectors are very limited to the oem ones if can find them, they not that good/useful in my opinion .

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You can get deflectors for the frames windows they attach to the roof,but as Mr b says they are rubbish ! If your wanting to quieten down the noise from around the wing mirror rubber there are diy guides on YouTube or you could try changing them for new ones

As you can see the oem ones are a bit poor


And they'll cost well over 100 quid by the time you and import & shipping fees

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