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Just wanted to put up a few pics of my Subaru and what I have done since buying a good cond standard example 3 years ago,i wanted to create a one off sportswagon after seeing pics of a car called the rumble wagon on a us site.I had wide arch saloon front wings fitted with wing vents matching front bumper a bigger bonnet scoop coloured co ordinated side skirts de railed the roof and fitted pro drive headlamps had a full respray in 01g silver but had a bigger met flake added for more pop,I had the wheels powder coated black and the rear windows tinted.After a month I then got her back and have added since, jdm front grill ...rally mud flaps.. rear arch extensions..fog lamp covers..front splitter... race tow flap rear..projector lights in all four doors..and a private reg...and a rear diffuser need to upload a few more pics for some items..My plans this year are a hybrid td04 turbo.... sports cat and catless up pipe and a remap,always wanted a Scooby put really didn't understand the appeal until owning one really enjoy the forum looking at what other people do and getting advice....Hope you like what I have done so far I no wagons aren't for every one but she does now look unique which is what I wanted would love to get a saloon as well to mess with but other half isnt keen I wonder WHY?£££££££££££££££ Sorry I didn't have any before pics I lost memory card she was a nice example standard wrx sportswagon in silver so you can probably imagine cheers for looking Phil...

WP_20141016_001 (1).jpg

WP_20141016_002 (1).jpg

WP_20141016_004 (1).jpg


WP_20141021_001 (1).jpg





WP_20141030_009 (1).jpg


WP_20141105_004 (1).jpg

WP_20141126_007 (1).jpg

WP_20150105_006 (1).jpg

WP_20150404_004 (1).jpg




WP_20151111_17_01_21_Pro (1).jpg




WP_20150808_12_05_24_Pro (1).jpg

WP_20150808_12_05_33_Pro (1).jpg

WP_20150808_12_05_17_Pro (1).jpg

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Thanks aucky just had a look at pics of yours she was a nice example,have you got rid of your hatch now because of headgasket keep thinking I would like a hatch as well but my guys I use who no subaru,s always say to me avoid the 2/5 engine,after reading up it seems either the headgasket go or they get Ringland failure due to a poor map subaru did😊

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