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Bugeye wrx - modified


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Selling because me and the new wife are saving for a honeymoon

i bought this car back in march 2015 with a few issues, i have since fixed them and they are as follows:

Thermostat replaced 03/2015

Mishimoto expansion tank replacement 03/2015

clutch 04/2015 - 101008

It also had a full service - 10/2015 - 108667

The front bumper also needed a respray at a cost of £300

This car has never missed a beat and pulls very well, here is a list of all modifications i am aware of:

SEIBON CARBON front lip, vortex generator, side skirts and rear lip.

GFB BOV (which sounds beautiful)

Unidentified FMIC

GREEN aftermarket induction kit

whiteline racing front and rear strut braces

cat back cobra sport exhaust with non resonated 3" pipe (only purchased in october)

Samco hosing throughout the engine bay

sti interior

TIM oil pressure and temperature gauges

Battery voltage gauge

boost gauge

tein street coilover kit

gold standard alloys sitting on toyo proxies with thousands of miles left

Unfortunately it has never been remapped or dyno run somi cant comment on its current bhp but i have been informed it could possibly be 280+ but seeing as i have no evidence this is speculation.

I believe that is all but i have all the paperwork in a folder for the winner.

obviously this car is just north of 15 years old so it does have some age related marks, 

there is a crack in the front splitter but to be honest you cant really notice it

a small dent in the n/s wing was there before i bought it and never really bothered me

there is scratching and denting on the NSR door and quarter panel but it shouldnt be to hard a fix.

there is also bubbling starting to appear on the rear quarter panels.

the rear windows runners need adjusting.

for some reason the oil pressure gauge isnt working, i have had it checked 2 or 3 times and no problems have been reported.

in the interest of honesty i will also add the when i purchased the vehicle it started over heating on my way back, i did not let it get over the second line, the first thing i was told to do was get a head gasket test done, it was nothing to do with the head gasket, so i assumed it was the thermostat not functioning, so i purchased a new one, it continued, so after putting it on my friends ramp we found that there was a leak in the bottom of the expansion tank, so i purchased a new one fitted it and since then it has not over heated again.

If you have any questions please message me

No fixed price, offers welconef028a3c434bfaecaeb8fbd4164265d6f.jpg344ad47091a1706e5e05f83dd43021f7.jpg8050fbcd7985c619891533e7d8ea2c5c.jpgab24e4a12022c2af415089ca3e496e9b.jpg67d9ad901cb552126e9d3bbaa17e0508.jpgd6f67f615d90e79b853ad705d047e758.jpg5a575abcc9aadfc5066d76b0bf23b051.jpg1e1246266ed4e7b5ef460f7fd4bd19c3.jpg

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