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does stereo stay on after key took out and trackstar?

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Guys just got a 2003 jdm sti and it has parasitic drain. Started to look yesterday and found the following. After taking the key out the ign the 12v acc stays live. Car also has a Tracker installed and clifford with remote start and lastly whilst digiing around behind lower dash found a blitz turbo timer with built in boost guage. Have spoken with PO and he said that the radio has always stayed on a while whilst in car even with keys out (cant test at moment to confirm after timeout if this is the case) is this normal? Have removed radio and confirmed on the standard loom that 12v acc does indeed remain at 12v after key out but didnt wait long enough for it to drop perhaps? Next question is anyone know the standard place for a trackstar to be installed in this make of year. Have had a good old dig around under dash panel, steering binical and handbrake and gearlever area but not found. How does the glove compatment come out? The model that is installed has both Gps And sim card, not beyond the realms that it is this also that is causing the drain. Failing that then maybe the blitz turbo timer is at fault or the clifford? Plenty of places for bodgery to have took place!



tks in advance

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