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Hawk/Blob Stock engine bay


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Good morning fellow Subaru enthusiasts,

In the market for an Impreza Sti at moment. Going to view a few this weekend. I'm mad meticulous with lists, checks etc lol.

Thought it would be good to go armed with a picture of the stock engine bay of a Hawkeye and Blobeye. Found a few images by just doing a Google search, but thought maybe you guys might have a pic you could share? Or is there anything particular that would ring alarm bells for you when looking under the bonnet?

Also on the subject of buying a used Sti, if you could give your number one piece of advice or warning what would it be? I've been reading the buying guides online etc. so just really wondering your own personal experience of owning one.

Just a little more info for you - I'm looking for a Blobeye or Hawkeye, budget of c.9k, less than 100k on the clock and would prefer one without too many mods and obviously as well looked after as I can get.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Many thanks!



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Knocking bottom end is no 1 concern, don't limit yourself to just looking at sti's go see as many local wrx's as you can as well that will give you more of a feel for things, what looks out of Shape and what your money will get you, you should get a nice motor with that kind of cash

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