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3.0 H6 Outback radiator header tank


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I've owned my 2003 3.0 H6 Outback for 2 years, and have noticed that i have to top up the radiator header tank about every 2 or 3 weeks with coolant, but as far as i can remember

it's been like this since i had the car.

The temp gauge never goes higher than 1/3 of the way up so i'm not concerned about the head gasket, but think there may be a small leak which i'm

unable to find.

I'd considered putting some Wynn's 'Stop Leak' into the cooling system to see if it cures the leak, but it states on the container to add the 'stuff' to the header tank if it is 'part of the coolant

system', OR put it straight into the radiator if not.

I'm not sure where to put the Wynn's additive now,so any advice would be greatly received guys.

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Far as I know, your car will not have a header tank - turbos only. What it has is a reservoir tank. Attached, pic of the reservoir tank (secured by the bolts shown by arrows).

If I was adding Stop Leak (personally, wouldn't recommend - rather locate the source of the leak) it'd be straight to the radiator. Others may disagree.

reservoir tank.pdf

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Thanks again Greenmamba,

I'll get the cause of the leak checked out, and hopefully it won't be too expensive.

I can't see any obvious leak, so it will be interesting to know the cause.

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