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Strange noise when turning right


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Hello, I own the subaru outback 2008 2l diesel boxer, yesterday I noticed that when I turn right there is a strange noise. I don't know where does it come from or why but I suppose its from the hydraulic pump or there is not enough oil in there. Have you got any suggestions?



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Check your belt see how loose that is. I'd try figure which side it is and check pads for the amount of meat on them inside and out. And why you have it jacked up give the wheel if it has play in it might be the bearing going. 

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1 hour ago, Sandals said:

Sorry, not sure if there is a reservoir for the steering pump. Does it make the noise at any degree of turn or at full lock? I know my wifes car when it is on full lock the belt squeaks a bit...

It's not the belt for sure. It does it randomly not always.

34 minutes ago, stants said:

Could also be your stone guards on the inside of the brake disc that's collected some dirt and is just rubbing away

Will try it.

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