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subaru impreza 2.0 turbo

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Hi there.. new to this site.. I'm about to purchase my 1st subaru as a toy before buying a the dream subaru (p1) as I want to have something to throw about a bit and make it a wee project.. car I'm gona buy is an impreza 2.0 turbo around a 97 98 plate.. what mods can i do to these engine and what power and torque can i get? Gonna throw a fair bit of cash into it.. and keep it.. any help would be greatful. Regards Neil


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Are all classics prone to needing a weld? Import or UK?  Can do all the work myself as I have 4 yr in the trade mainly landys tho so been keen to chat to soob  guys.. high power is what I'm after. . What mods have you done what's your torque and bh @ sorry for all q's  :)

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Not a problem. One thing you'll find is we love telling you all this.

UK's are more prone to tin worm due to a full life on salty roads. Imports aren't immune and it depends on its time spent over here.

For me I did the "simple" mods. Went for an rcm fuel pump to insure constant reliable pressure. 3" turbo back zorst with decat downpipe. Cosworth panel filter and 3 port boost solenoid(imports have these anyway) UK's use the smaller TD04 turbo so with all that I then went to have it mapped and made 276hp/280ft-lb. I've just started to work on suspension so did rear 22mm whiteline arb, ally drop links all round, poly bush on rear arb and I have some hks coilovers waiting to go on with front and rear upper strut braces. That's all for now I think [emoji23] [emoji6]

Imports have the larger TD05 turbo and make 270ish hp standard. If you were to do the same mods and then map it the TD05 should give you 320hp. After that it's new turbo, consider fmic, injectors. General consensus is the 5 speed gearbox is only capable of 350hp before breaking.

I lose my chain of thought sometimes. Probably missed a few bits 😁😨

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top lad.. gona have **** load of fun working on these.. make a diff to landys haha.....  looking at a fairly recent import. when i buy.. might do a spray job so i know ive got clean Shell any welding to be done will be done then wax oiled. ill change all bushes springs shocks etc.. and before mapping do full service including cam belt etc or full rebuild pending on what 1 i go for and mileage just for peace of mind... what boxes can you get instead of the 5 spd? and 100 percent getting a straight thru mabe even one of these fuel spitter or whatever there called haha.. wean at xmas right now lol

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6 speed gearboxes are the way to go. If it isn't already 6 speed it's a costly conversion. You need box, rear diff, proper, driveshafts and hubs.

You'll find a lot of impreza parts are interchangeable. Classics are a dark art due to the amount of variations. There are 6 UK "versions" but I think I see a post counting 280+ different types of impreza from early classic to latest newage.

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