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Lightened flywheels Yay or nay


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Cars in for a clutch on weds and knowing my recent garage visits nothings ever that simple, so IF the flywheels knackered or won't take to a skim what's the cons of a lightened fly going in instead of an oem one ?

According to the Internets the sf5 foz has the same fly as the old legacies which is heavier than the impreza of the same year. So that could be an option, but I don't want to loose drivability etc

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i have just had an exedy organic clutch and RCM flywheel fitted yesterday.

its taking some getting used to. its rarther juddery on pull off and iv stalled it twice so far aha.

aparently it will bed in and wont be AS juddery and abrupt but it still will be there. as for the cons it certainly feels alot more free reving and i think itll be alot more enjoyable over all after it bedded in and i can really test it.



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Are you going oe or aftermarket clutch? .. I wouldn't go lightened fly on an oe clutch they do give a performance gain . but the drive ability is dramatically effected especially on the over run in low gears. You will also get this with an uprated clutch but with aftermarket clutches they have bigger anti judder springs to help prevent this .. With an uprated clutch you are likely to get chattering when at very low revs too but you soon adjust your driving style to minimise noise

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