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New Exhaust


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Fit like loons?

Well been traveling a fair bit in the 330s now, but i'm not getting that AWESOME subaru rumble of old :angry: Any of you out there know of something that can up my volume? I'd like to keep the quad pipe as it looks mean.The best I got so far is this from cobra http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/performance/exhaust-systems/car/subaru/impreza-07-on-ge-sti/2009/2-5-turbo/cobra-sport-3-turbo-back-exhaust-system-with-de-cat-non-resonated--3-5-slashcut-angled-tailpipes

Also will i need to get it re mapped once i get a new exhaust fitted?

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I have a hatchback STI, not the 330s but much the same. 

Like you i was not getting the scooby noise i wanted, so changed to a cobra exhaust. I went for the resonated cat back one, as i didn't want it too loud.

It definitely ups the volume, but i don't think it makes it sound like the proper scooby burble i'd have loved to have. More like just a sportier car, if that makes sense.

Maybe as mentioned earlier, the hatches manifold layout just hides the sound we are obviously both after !!

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you need to change to unequal lengh manifold for a rumble,when i fitted the quad pipes to my wrx hatch with none res centre section it did not really make a diffrence to what i could hear in the car but every one out side said it sounded nice,guess sound proofing in the hatch is good as well,i was going to swap back to a single pipe with 4 inch exit to try make it a bit louder,still wouldnt have rumbled but i sold car so never got that far into my experiments with it.i was told scoobie clinic do a good manifold.

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I'd also consider looking at Hayward and Scott exhausts as on my previous Classic Prodrive they have really given the classic Scooby sound. Been a long time since I fitted one so not sure on their quality now was very very good quite a number of years ago. Might also not make any difference if you have equal length manifold.

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