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A158 Burgh le marsh straight, skegness


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Hey Guys - Some toe rag hit my car today on the A158 Burgh le marsh straight heading from Skegness toward Gunby roundabout. The car was waiting to turn right towards Burgh, Wainfleet, and Croft and pulled out in front of me, I swerved to the opposite side of the road so didn't see the car or driver only that the car was light in colour (white,grey, silver). They drove off, a local guy from Wainfleet saw the driver and said it was an elderly lady. I have reported the accident to the police but would appreciate any locals who spot a light car with damage to the front passenger wing to report it to Skegness police with the accident number 193-20/03/2016.

The car has been rescued and it is fixable. Photos attached :(! Thanks in advance for any information.



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Hope that they manage to find the person responsible for this and that you get the Subaru sorted out.


Shouldn't this be classed by the police as a " failure to stop following an accident where damage has occurred "?


As mentioned, I would save up and then get a Dash Cam for future peace of mind.


I won't drive my cars without a Dash Cam being fitted nowadays.


My employers have multiple dash cams fitted to all of their fleet and this has saved them an absolute fortune against bogus accident claims and crash for cash scams.


Good Luck.


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