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Hi all. Currently have a 2011 WRX STI saloon. It's had Subaru stage one so should be running at 330 bhp.

Pulled up on Thursay at a clients, ran in and out, got back in the car and it was dead, Speedo needle was sat at 60mph and rev counter at 3000rpm. Popped the bonnet up and noticed the Positive to the Battery was loose, tightned it back up and all was good to go.

Have been driving it since and it seriuosly feels like it's lacking power, no torque and sluggish IMO and does'nt really pick up until around 3500rpm, even then i've got my floot to floor. Do i just keep driving it to let it relearn or do something else. Can't stand the loss


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Does it boost at all or does it just feel sluggish all the time ?? Are all your fluids fine?? Not saying it's this but When I had a broken ring land my car picked up fine till about 3000rpm then just felt like it had a massive flat spot , also it did seem to drive fine occasionally. but not every time it was weird

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