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Looking after my Forester.....


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Hi Guys,

Into week two now of owning a Forester and I LOVE it!!

Wee bit of advice required re cleaning the car.  I am a bit wary of using a power washer on the bonnet due to the large air intake vent, will this do any harm to the engine (might seem a daft question to you experienced owners but it frightens me as a newbie in case I do something wrong)?

Also can anyone recommend a good cleaner for the interior roof lining?  The sunroof cover must have been fully open when the car was getting valeted and when closed it has some stains on it I would like to remove.

Finally, can anyone recommend a good site to get parts for the Forester in the UK as it came without a luggage compartment cover.  The garage is trying to locate one for me but has not been too successful so far, I would like to point them in the right direction

Many thanks as always.....



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Glad your enjoying the purchase [emoji3]

Pressure washing, just avoid obvious things like pointing Lance directly into it, (sounds daft I know but I watched a car wash chap do it to mine)

he ended up bending the intercooler fins [emoji35]

I usually wash the bonnet from the wind Screen down, and aim the lance towards the front end, that way I can give it a quick blow over and the water isn't directly going towards the scoop,

if your concerned you could always put a small towel over the intercooler and shut bonnet that should catch any stray water

Luggage covers are like rocking horse !Removed!, they surface on the bay occasionally but are daft money, you could try breakers, grade a subaru are usually pretty good, may be worth finding out if they are the same size as the impreza hatch,

As for roof cleaners ut's a pain as I tried once and got soaked, resorted to taking it to an auto valeting place where they had a wet vac, if you replay want a go at it yourself, autoglym do a foam shampoo spray which is a bit easier to work with than the normal cleaning agents

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load covers are daft money from anyone as they damn expensive new and rare get A1 order used, sg sh ones fetch about £100 easily (new from dealer is about £300), I sold a few but only got sf at moment. eBay or local scrap dealer best options, specialist breakers know the market value on them .

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