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What's going on!


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So, I know I'm a newb (please don't judge me) haha

basicaly I have a 03 wrx which has had lots of work (before me) the car has an Apex-i boost controller (I have no idea how this works) 

i tend not to mess around with it and is set to 0 but recently my car is holding less and less boost and is a lot slower than usual, last night I tried to turn the boost up and found that this has made it much slower! 

The car also has a HKS bov I'm noticing in getting more of a 'chatter' these days than a dump/tshhhhhh noise the car is definitely down on power but doesn't smoke or anything dose use a bit of oil (2 top ups in 7k)

what is going on? Any help welcome

cheers Chris.

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I haven't pluged the car into diagnostic yet the engine light was on once or twice under hard sustained boost but that was a few weeks ago it also blew the inter cooler seal a few months ago (sti top mount). The noise has changed on the induction side of things it sound like its sucking like grit or sand in sorry that's the only way I can explain it! The filter is still on properly and it doesn't do it if you pop the bonnet and Rev the engine or even if you hold boost! It seems just to be under load! 

Any help welcome cheers in advance


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So I poped the Bonnet today And had a good look around finding that the pipe at the base of the sti inter cooler was not secure properly and the clip was loose and rattling inter cooler side so I've put  it back on and so far so good however:-

the rubber is perished and needs replacing (no biggie) a link to a nice upgraded replacemenr welcome :-)

my only other worry is that it has now blown sti manifold in half and now blew the pipe clean of the inter cooler unless it wasn't properly tightened after intercoler repair I'm running 1.5bar and apart from using oil it's been spot on for 7k

im a newb after advice don't be harsh! 


Cheers chris 

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