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Another boot leak question


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Apologies if this question keeps doing the rounds. Recently noticed a foists smell in the boot of my 2003 wrx. It has a genuine sti spoiler fitted.

After taking all the trim out of the boot this afternoon, I noticed that the well on the left hand side was wet, not swimming, but obviously some water coming in somewhere. The right hand side is as dry as a bone.

After some searching, it seems to be a common problem on many models, but the leaks always seems to be on the left of the boot. So my question is two fold. Does anyone have a definitive answer as to where the water is coming in and why is it always the left side?


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I can't check on mine as Its getting some work done on it, so this is from memory but the one I sorted was letting water through a hole in the Shell at the left hand side. If you remove the boot lining there will be 3 or so holes between the light and where the black plastic guard sits around the boot latch. If I remember right, there will be one about 25-32mm and then 2 which are much smaller next to it. The big one should have a blanking rubber grommet in place. The 2 small ones didn't have anything there in the one I looked at. But when I poured water over the boot a small amount trickled in through these too. I put some insulation tape over them as a temporary fix/test and that sorted it.

Worth checking them. 

Found my new car has this problem slightly too last weekend but didn't have time to investigate it. But hoping that's all it is on mine as well... 

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