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Classic 1999 turbo wagon code 53

tim best

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Hi,  Having problems with my totally original low mileage impreza 1999 turbo wagon.  Car is jumping quite violently when cold through gears 2, 3.  When engine is up to temperature the car generally settles down but does lack power and misfires generally under acceleration.  Did diagnostics check and code 53 showed up which I think is fuel pump/circuit.  Would anyone be able to help me as I'm only basic in mechanics and would the fix perhaps be just a replacement fuel pump.  Just to confirm HT leads, plugs & fuel filter recently replaced and MAF sensor and turbo boost solenoid cleaned.  Really would appreciate anyone's help/advice

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Hi  Yes I have a factory fit immobiliser and am using the 2 original keys.  Looking at code 53 quite a number of different options.  As the car is "bucking" so badly when under load (ie up my steep road at home) and cold I thought could be fuel issue.  Just ordered replacement fuel pump.  However I have just replaced the fuel filter but all symptoms as above continued so air blockage I'm not sure but will check.  Many thanks so far - keep you updated fellas

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