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48 and just bought my 1st Subaru


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Hi Guys

Had loads decent cars back in the day, Mk1 RS2000's, Mk2, RS3100 and 2.8i Capri's..... Met the missus and it all went downhill :) (j/k)

Anyway I had my eye on this for a few weeks, 12 years old.... The last 8 years it has done 3000 miles per year, 55,000 on the clock....

The local dealer I bought it from was selling it on behalf of a customer, so still waiting on logbook and paperwork, hopefully some nice

service history in there also, 2 owners in the same little village from new....

Anything I should be looking out for ? It really is like new inside and out !



Photo - 13319916_10154974253734012_8485960814826

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Non turbo subarus are pretty tough things as long as they are maintained, just wear and tear stuff really, just make sure everything works as it should, belts and plugs have been changed as well as the oil, if it has hi lo selector make sure it works etc...

And most of all enjoy!

Only thing with low mileage is make sure the tyres aren't also 8 years old, old rubber isn't good (which is why condoms have sell-by dates)

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