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If the standard grey 380's are in situ they're good for 290hp max .

The cheapest option is to buy some phase 2 yellow 440's (about £40) then fit them into your v1 phase 1 fuel rails with "phase adapters" (about £40 including new O rings ) .

440's can hit 350hp on standard fuel pressure with supporting mods .which is classic impreza gearbox braking power ,so unless you are upgrading the drive train, they'll be ample for most classics .

I personally run (nissan) nismo 555cc injectors with phase adapters in my phase 1 rails . Which should be good for just over 400hp . They just need a tab filing off the plug to plug n play on classics.

Which ever route you take ,Just thought I'd mention that you can't just change injector sizes without remapping. As the fuelling map will open the injectors for the same length of time but the increase in size of injectors will mean that more fuel will enter the chamber. Meaning it will over fuel and cause bore wash (strip the oil off the bore walls) if not mapped shortly afterwards.

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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