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Clay bar'd and wheels refereshed


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just used gunk in a sprayer, covered it all, waited 10 mins and used a brush on heavy stuff. rinsed it off with a hose on low power so i didnt force water anywhere

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On 7/2/2016 at 9:20 PM, dgarside said:

My engine bay is shocking, so won't have bonnet open at York. What/How did you detail the engine bay? Bit by bit or degreaser and jet wash ?

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I use Machine Marts Traffic Film remover.. spray on and then use a detailing brush to agitate it, snow foam it all.. then jet wash off.


Dry off and then use some autoglym Vinyl & Rubber cleaner and a soft micro fibre towel. You can use wd40 or  silicone spray if you want too.



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On 16/07/2016 at 8:20 PM, dgarside said:

Did you protect any of the electrics before her washing?

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This is what worries me about doing it. I'm sure I wouldn't be that lucky and I'd fuck something up. :blush:

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