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Coolant flush

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Am planning to do a full coolant flush on my legacy 3.0r H6 spec b this weekend. I have already ordered 10 litres of distilled water and 4 litres of prestone coolant for the job. Am using this coolant as I have read in this forum someone singing their praises about it. As I will be removing thermostat to get all the coolant out of the engine block, I thought I may as well stuck a new one in. 

I believe the part number of the thermostat is 21210AA080, could someone confirm that this is correct and where to get one online, can find many but not 100% they are the genuine ones. 

Am I also correct in thinking that the only way to completely drain coolant is to remove the thermostat? 

Many thanks 

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When I did mine, that was the part number, genuine part I got from import car parts, about £26 plus postage. Taking the thermostat off should get most of the old coolant out but probably not all. Check orientation of the jiggle pin on the old thermostat (before removing it, once you've got the housing off) and install the new one same way up.

I flushed mine with rain water (from a water butt), couple of times, then with de-ionised water, then refilled. Try and get all the air out when filling (burp the car).

Did you get the "smoking" problem sorted?

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Thanks am gonna order now. 


Not sorted the smoking problem yet. Am taking it to an lpg specialist on Saturday am I'm now convinced it's a flash tube leak. Will let you know the outcome. 

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