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Where to buy parts?


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Hello everyone! 


Me and my subaru just moved to UK, and I know almost nothing about where to buy parts, what is the best way to get them e.t.c. So, could you guys, give me some guidelines with cheap websites where to order parts by part numbers? (I check them at opposedforces.com) for example, now I'm looking for exedy clutch. Oh, and I own subaru legacy sedan, 2.5l, 2001.20160528_205019.jpg

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Hello & welcome

Www.importcarparts.co.uk are good for most parts, if your after anything else, just Google subaru parts or the specific bit your after, there are many specialists out there,

As performance, lateral performance Roger Clark, scoobyparts, scooby world......

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Import airports.co.uk have the OEM exedy clutch. If you want a stage one racing exedy or above then get the codes from Exedy and google it. I was trying to find the website I got mine from but all details seem to have disappeared from my emails. 

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